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Reviewing The iPad Mini

It was a whole new world for Apple when the iPad Mini was released, a budget scaled down tablet it was firmly shooting for the discount market. Perhaps because it was a budget style product the first iPad Mini was something of a stealth success, there was no fanfare surrounding its release and few were impressed by the specs or features and of course it didn’t include any iPad Mini instructions to shed light on them either.

Reviewing iPad Mini Specs And FeaturesThe critics were not singing praises but it didn’t matter… ergonomics took good care of our new little friend. It wasn’t long before the budget performance was matched by the budget price, it wasn’t long before consumers noticed that the 7″ tablet was lightweight and extremely easy to use on the move.

In short, it wasn’t long before everyone started buying them! The eternal truth remains; good “usability” is worth more than sheer processing power.

The point here is valuable, too often the tech critics will not notice the more life-oriented aspects of a device. They focus only on black and white numbers and often have zero experience in truly owning it, which makes for a shallow review.

As the next generation iPad Mini approaches, inventively named the iPad Mini 2, its down to all tech reviewers to be conscious of the mistakes made.

In the interests of gadget history, and whilst we await the third quarter release of the Mini 2, I shall commit to posterity a true review of the iPad Mini specs and features.

iPad Mini Specs & Features

Released in November of 2012 the Mini was Apple’s fifth large-scale release and was advertised as exactly what it is… a miniature iPad. Reducing the screen size of the normal iPad from 9.7″ to a more pocket-friendly 7.9″.

The 1 Ghz processor comes courtesy of ARM and the memory is available in sizes of 16, 32 and 64 Gigabytes, this is all identical to the options of the iPad2, the only difference is the easier ability to transport and utilize on the move!

There is one hardware issue that slightly annoys, but only slightly. The position of the speaker on the Mini does make it incredibly easy to cover it up when you’re playing a game and holding it in a landscape manner. The speaker would have been better placed on the rear side perhaps.

The hardware is not really the whole story of this review, nobody is expected to get too excited at 500mb of Ram or the 163 PPI screen… the utility in terms of its software options are genuinely exciting though!

The device is purchased containing the well known and preloaded operating system iOS 6.0. You can find complete iPad instructions for iOS 6.0, including setup instructions by clicking through here.

In addition to the ease of internet access, via WiFi, USB or Bluetooth, the selection of applications available is mammoth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re interested in astronomy, trying to measure fitness goals or even learning a new language, there is an application available to assist you.

This is the great thing about the Mini, the smaller size really increases “usability” of many applications. Jogging with an iPad 2 would be silly, having your jogging app running on the iPad Mini is no trouble at all, you just slip it in your pocket.

In addition to the custom download applications there are the standard ones too, the maps utility is ever useful on the move and once again the additional portability comes in so handy. I have no idea why technology writers failed to imagine the boon of small size first time around!

Safety is sometimes an issue when mobility of a device is increased and the cloud computing option iCloud does at least secure your data. By uploading from the device to the iCloud you can be sure of never losing your photos and files in the event of theft or damage. Hurray!

One of the down sides to the shrinking process is the ability to read books. The screen resolution isn’t too great either and the combination of these two factors did lead to a less than ideal reading experience.

This is a shame because the iBookstore has a really nice selection of material to enjoy… then again if I want to read I prefer to read from paperback anyway, and PDFs on my PC at home are fine too.

The poor reading experience of this latest iPad is the only real flaw and a symptom of its slightly below-par screen specs, I think the iPad Mini 2 will fix this issue. It’s a small issue anyway, the iPad Mini specs and features (click for a video review) are perfectly workable.

There you have it, an honest review. This little guy contains all the benefits and features of its larger tablet cousins for a lower cost. It directly completes with the offerings of the Google Nexus and the Kindle Fire and whilst having a lower spec does offer a better user experience. With the release of the iPad Mini 2 coming later this year, it’s unlikely that Apple will be falling behind in the mini-tablet market anytime soon.

There are no instructions included, so if you want to get complete iPad Mini instructions, including updates for the newest iOS, click here to check out short and informative video tutorials available for instant download.